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Metabo 5" 1100W Angle Grinder

Features Uniqe to United Tools Metabo Quick system - Easier and quicker to change discs without the use of tools Gencapsulated switch - Eliminates electrical sparkovers caused by the accumulation of metallic dust. Even more power The infamous Metabo ...


Bosch 5"/125mm Slim Line Angle Grinder 720W

Features Specially designed air inlets for optimal air flow and cooling Small gear head for working in tight spaces Gear head can be rotated in 90 steps Armoured coils that protect motor against sharp grinding dust for longer service life Auto cut-of ...


Abbott & Ashby 8" Bench Grinder

Input 900Watt - Output 600W 240 volt 10 amp plug Full 3 4 HP PLUS, the most powerful bench grinder in its class. Fully adjustable tool rests Features 50mm wide wheel guards to accept the use of wire wheels without fouling. 25mm wide wheels standard W ...

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